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A new pope - but not a new begining...

24 April 2005

overskyet Too bad, the choice for the German cardinal to become the 265th pope. And Benedictus the XVI, who is that? I sat alone in the car on dull, grey, rainy afternoon, listening to the radio, heading home from a long day working, hoping that God would be giving the world a miracle. But unfortunately there was no heavenly intervention in the Sixtine Chapel - the cardinals chose one of the most powerful men in the Vatican - the man who resides over our faith, and how we should beleive. He's been in charge of the Council of faith for more than 20 years, so I guess he knows ow we Catholics really think about God and society. He understands why we are all against female priests, don't honour our gay and lesbian friends or think highly of our feminists and why we all mean that abortion is murder. What body of wise men chooses someone like Ratzinger as they're foremost leader. OK, a black Peter would probably be a bit difficult, but hey, at least Pope John Paul II had a heart!
OK, maybe Benedictus XVI won't come with any controversial encyclica dyring his reign and probably he'll only continue what JP II started, but it would be nice if the next guy who will lead the 1.1 billion Catholics worldwide (it sure won't be a woman - although a vey good female friend of mine once claimed she'd be the first female Pope) had a little more sense to listen to the world and what really goes on in the lives of its members!
To Benedictus XVI I can only say this: Good luck and may God give you a few good hints now and then - and please, do listen to them ;-)

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  1. Peter posted:

    Even when coming from me: let's give him the benefit of the doubt...Italian friends of mine are not so enthousiastic anymore for Popes as an institution...but "he's there" so lets wait and see...

    ... on 25 April 2005 @ 10:37

  2. Desmond posted:

    Let's wait and see... Sounds like I hope that I am not right...

    Any way you put it, the church is heavily being strained and could really use (to put it lightly) some strong positive guidance to get more people activly practicioning their faith.

    The simple version I have heard so far is a conservative German pope, not quite my idea of an ideal choice.

    I sincerely hope that this pope is succesfull in convincing people that religion is not for the weak, but for everybody.


    ... on 26 April 2005 @ 18:12

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