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Activity Day

20 February 2005

We had promised Casper for some time now that we'd go off and do something nice together with hios ebst friend Jelle. And so we did. Early in the morning we packed up the stuff we'd be needing for that day and drove over to Jelle's place. There we had some breakfast and the kids played together. We then decided to go to a large playpark for the kids close to where I work in Apeldoorn, a place called Koningin Juliana Toren. It's a large playground for children, mostly with outdoor attractions, but also with stuff inside. AS it was a rainy day, the inside attractions seemd a good idea. So off we went, for an hours drive.


But when we got there it was closed! Yes, you guessed it, with most of the attractions being outside, and the Netherlands being - exactly - the Netherlands as it is in February, no sane person would think of playing for more than half an hour outside. The seasonal grand opening was set to March 20th, so we had to find something else to do. A builder walking around the outskirts of the park told us that there was a large childrens playground some 15 minutes drive from where we were. All the activities were inside - a good second option!

Getting to the place called Kids Playground took a while, as we got lost a couple of times due to roads being closed. Therefore we couldn't follow the directions the builder had given us. But after some time we arrived and faced a large hall, the size of a medium factory, all stuffed with toys and activities for kids. A good place to be and as the kids had been sleeping in the car, they were as ready as could be for this, bubbling with energy. They ran around, played with all kinds of toys (large and small), slid down slides, swam in tubs filled with plastic balls (anyone ever been to Ikea?) and climbed up and down large climbing thingz. A lot of fun, hours upon end!

But is was in one of those climbing thingz something bad almost happened. I almost lost a finger. I had just helped Robin slide down something resembling a chute, when I was going to go down after him. I grabbed a hold of the top of the chute and slid myself downwards. All of a sudden I ground to sudden halt, my finger almost being jerked of my hand. I was hanging with my full weight on my weddingring, which had caught behind one of a few protruding steel rods. I couldn't move up or down, as every move I made tightened the strain and pressure on my ringfinger. The ring refused to slide over my knuckle, slowly squeezing my the skin and tissue under it up towards my knuckle. As the pain grew, I couldn't help seeing an image of myself sliding down the chute, after having my finger torn off at the knuckle. I tried to grab hold of something in the chute, but it only increased the feeling of my finger beeing close to tearing. Luckily Jelle's father was nearby, and as he realized the situation, he grabbed my hand, "uncoupled" me of the steelrod adn I slid down the chute towards the waiting Robin with all my digits intact!

It hurt, and still does by the way, but I luckily only have a heavily swollen ringfinger and some bruises to my skin. The weddingring I was ably to take off just before the swelling got too bad - otherwise I'd have to have it cut off my finger, which would have been a terrible shame!
But the day ended well! The kids had a lot of fun, us parents enjoyed it too, and we finished off the day by having dinner at a traditional pancakerestaurants halfway between Apeldoorn and Utrecht. Yummie, a good choice to end the day!

As I'm writing this the kidz are sound asleep. It's time for me too to catch some zzz's. Good night!

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  1. my dad posted:

    Jongen toch!!!!!!!! Wat een schrik, blij dat alles goed afliep......wat je al niet moet doormaken als je ej kinderen wilt plezieren...

    ... on 23 February 2005 @ 00:20

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