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16 February 2005

This is a test of posting to the Blogger blog via e-mail...
To see if it works...


No virus found in this outgoing message.
Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.
Version: 7.0.300 / Virus Database: 265.8.8 - Release Date: 14-02-05

<!-- Converted from text/rtf format -->
FACE="Arial">This is a test of posting to the blog via
e-mail...</FONT></SPAN> <BR><SPAN
LANG="nl"><FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">To see if it
works...</FONT></SPAN> <BR><SPAN
LANG="en-us"></SPAN> <BR>
FACE="Arial">--<BR> No virus found in this outgoing
message.<BR> Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.<BR> Version:
7.0.300 / Virus Database: 265.8.8 - Release Date:
14-02-05<BR></FONT> </SPAN>

Updated 20 February 2005, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

This works brilliantly, but produces really bugger HTML (see above). So although I was very excited in the first place, I see that I must refrain from using this feature of Blogger. Otherwise the very XHTML 1.0 Strict DOCTYPE is of no use! Not that it is the correct DOCTYPE to use now, but hey, it came with the template, so I'll stick to it for now.

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  1. Sebastiaan posted:

    This is "retecool". It means that you can post from where ever you are in the world without the need for an internetconnection. All you need is a mailprogram and voila, there's the post! This will be good for at my work, where we presently only have the means to send and receive mail. Meaning that I during lunch or before/after working hours can mail a post from there! Cool ;-)

    ... on 17 February 2005 @ 09:24

  2. Peter posted:

    Very nice, but how did you get the picture in the frame. The 2 software programs offered at Blogger did not work and one of them spyware ......but nice to see you followed your fathers example and started to join the Bloggerworld...

    ... on 18 February 2005 @ 20:39

  3. Sebastiaan posted:

    The picture in the frame is the standard picture that you can enter in your profile in Blogger. But, the picture has to be placed somewhere other than at Blogger. So I place all my pics on a remote server I can access and link the pictures to that address. It can be your FTP-server or a server where you can place your digital stuff - even your own PC at home can do the trick!

    ... on 19 February 2005 @ 14:23

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