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Busy weeks

03 November 2004

The next couple of weeks will be very busy for our family. Marjolijn is really getting into her study (teaching), meaning that next to learning a lot of stuff, she also is doing a practicum at a special school. Every Thursday she's learning and experiencing the finer tips and tricks of the trade of "teaching". In the evenings there often are get-togethers for the parents, the teachers or there are shows given by the children. So then Sebastiaan has to take the kidz to the kindergarten in the morning, drive all the way to Apeldoorn (around 80 km's) to get to work, work, drive back and pick up the kidz from the creche, cook, eat dinner with the kidz, play until we drop and then finally get the kidz to go to bed (which they very often reluctantly adhere to, I dare to say!). Combining this with Marjolijn having school on Monday evening and Tuesday the whole day as well, means that planning has become very important. Sebastiaan used to be very good at this before he moved to the Netherlands, so it's time to pick up the old habits and start planning! We've started off quite promisingly, so we're confident for the rest of this year. Cross your fingers, wish us luck and leave us a note or a pat on the back below!

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