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New tasks

02 October 2004

As of the beginning of this month I am starting with a completely new assignment. I will be testing a yet to be built webapplication for a customer of my employer. This webapplication will go live in September of next year, serving an automated task for around 6 million citizens. If all goes well this webapplication will have nothing to do. But as you know, the world ain't perfect. With 6 million possible forms, each year, there's bound to be some deviant or malformed forms. These will be dropped into the webapplication. This is a whole new ballgame for me, starting with testpreparations even before an iota of code has been written. I've been used to do the testing afterwards, and then only on the specs of the functional requirements. This of course is not very good, but it has worked until now. Now we will have to specify all the testcriteria, the tests and the acceptancecriteria up front for each of the small parts of the webapplication, as they become available. Then afterwards we will do an integration test of all of the small parts when they've been joined to a whole.

Next to this I will continue doing the webmaster-, editorial- and programming tasks for the "Handreiking Jeugdwerkloosheid" site.

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