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Robin walks !

17 September 2004

The last couple of days Robin has been increasingly interested in trying to walk. He crawls all over, very quickly, and can pull himself up on different objects. But lately Marjolijn and I have tried to help Robin walk from the one to the other. And today he seemed to be very keen on trying to walk. So we lifted him up, held both his hands and slowly moved him towards the other. First he would only walk from two hands to two hand. Then we switched to holding single hands. He's used to this, as we walk sometimes with him holding onto only one hand. Then we tried letting go. The first couple of times he just sat down on his bum, staring at us with a smile on his face. Then he changed. I held him towards Marjolijn and let go...

...and 1-2-3 steps later he threw himself into Marjolijns lap. Laughing out loud and with a big smile on his face he turned around and walked the same distance back to me!

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