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Casper is 1 1/2 years old

12 August 2003

Today Casper turns 1½ ! It seems like ages ago that Casper was born into our world, but it was only 18 months ago. And already he has a brother of three weeks old (today!). They differ a lot, Casper being the overly active one, bored when spending a day at home with his parents. "I need a challenge, and I need it now!". Although he is very good at keeping himself busy, he loves it when we actively play with him. Running around or stomping on the ground are his favourites, as well as dancing. Play any song on the stereo, be it Simon & Garfunkel, Zeromancer or Prince - he will dance to it. First he'll wiggle a little back and forth, then he'll start using his arms, slowly throwing them in the air. Then his index finger will come up and he'll dance pointing his finger in the air or at things! A little like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever". But as active and busy as he is with toys, in games, while dancing or with other children, as calm and kind he is with Robin. As if they'd been together for ever, so natural!


Robin is of the quiet kind (at least so far!). He only gives a sound when he's hungry or has stomach aches. Where Casper would loudly acknowledge that he was in pain or needed some food, Robin quietly whimpers or moans to let us know that not all's well. These last couple of days though he's discovering his voice and understands that we come running if he sets up a little crescendo of sounds. Still quite modest compared to his big brother, but still...

He thinks it's fine that he is being held by Casper, who thinks it's important to hold and cuddle with his brother at least three times a day. And before going anywhere, or even before properly starting the day, Casper has to give Robin a kiss or two. Very amusing to look at I can tell you!

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