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RTI - 1)

24 February 2004

RTI is short for Respatory Tract Infection or in Norwegian: "Luftveisinfeksjon", and in Dutch: "Luchtweginfectie". That's what's been bothering me for the last couple of days. The infection started with an itch in my throat on Friday afternoon and developed into something hurting while breathing on Saturday. During the Sunday it was very painful when breathing deeply, laughing or even worse, having to cough. A slight temperature added to the dismay, so much that come Monday morning all I wanted to do was sleep, not breath and definately NOT cough. But as things in life go, you have no way of controlling its whims.

Therefore Monday was quite painful, but today its improving. I'm almost only coughing up gooey, yellow flegm (I'll refrain from going into gorier details - for now!), and it doesn't hurt my respatory tract as much when doing this today as it did yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to go to work tomorrow. They called - work that is - to check up on me, as I was dearly needed for the testing phase we've just entered on the project I'm working on.

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