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Casper 2 years old !

12 February 2004

Today our "Mini" turns two! We started the day with breakfast with the four of us, and Casper opened the presents we had gotten him. The evening before we had started a little ahead of schedule by giving him his big gift - a garage where he can park all his Matchbox© ®, Corgi© ®, Majorette© ® and other small and big automobiles! He was over the moon with happiness, and refused to go to bed before late in the evening. So many things to do, so many possibilities with his new garage. It was good to see him enjoy this so much. We figured it would be the ideal gift at this stage, and it worked out nicely!

At the kindergarden Casper was celebrated by all the kids, and as usual the other kids get small presents from the birthday-boy. Marjolijn had been really "Krea-Bea" and had made fishing-rods, with small, coloured paper-fish attached to the lines, carrying a box of raisins and a drawing, which the kids could colour in. A big hit among the kids!

For Sunday we have planned a party for Casper, opening the house at 10 o'clock, for family, relatives and friends to drop in at leisure during the day! We have lots of goodies for everyone!

Updated 14 February 2004, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

The party was excellent! Lots of people, lots of kids, lots of sugary, gooey stuff and lots of presents. We had almost 30 people coming by during the day, so it was quite busy. But Casper had a good time, and the guests times their visits perfectly to match Casper's "need 4 sleep". The kidz enjoyed playing with eachother and the parents, but also the non-parents of course (!), seemed to enjoy eachothers company. In the evening we had a late soup-and-bread dinner together with Marjolijns family. Both Casper and Robin fell asleep late, but quite quickly, and they both slept all night long!

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