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What's up?

10 February 2004

Picture of our hands, one of each of the family may ask! There have been no posts here for over three weeks. Are they all still alive? How are they doing? Is life so dull that there is nothing to tell? The answer to all of these questions, and more, in this post!

Finally, after having a father-in-law nagging us for a long time about getting Marjolijn her own section - here it is! This will be the first of many posts - hopefully!

Marjolijn is doing fine. She's out job-searching again, and is getting more and more into-it of late. OK, the kids take up a lot of her time, but a lot of other things have happened as well. For one she's going out at least once a month with Corno, doing all the bars and discos of Utrecht. Dance 'till you drop, is their mantra!

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