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10 February 2004

Picture of our hands, one of each of the family may ask! There have been no posts here for over three weeks. Are they all still alive? How are they doing? Is life so dull that there is nothing to tell? The answer to all of these questions, and more, in this post!

Robin is making big progress. He's really into exploring, standing straight, watching, attacking everything in his reaching vicinity, and making more and more gargling and screaching sounds. Big smiles, toungue hanging out of his mouth and rolling over. The latter he did for the first time a little over two weeks ago (at age 6 months) and last night he rolled over from his stomack back onto his back! There's a first for everything at this age!


Picture of Robin sitting by himself on the couch By now he can almost sit up straight, keep from falling over when he's sitting by himself, eat a bowl-full of Marjolijns specially made broccoli - potato - tomato - green - and - healthy - stuff - mash without getting too much of it in other places than in his mouth, and follow someone around for long time (with his head that is!). It's really funny to see how different the two kiddos have developed. Casper did everything fast and was quickly frustrated. Robin takes life as it comes, grabbing things on the way, enjoying life as it passes him by, learning new things at a steady pace, reusing objects to do other things than already known. He's more of a baby in a way. The standard idea of a baby that is. He weighs in at 9,250 kg's, at 69 cm's, and by far outweighs Casper at the same age. By now they only differ 2,5 kg's, but Robin is settling in his weight, not increasing it as much as he used to. And that is good. This means he's using his energy (i.e. food) for other things than just growing! He still is a quiet kid, prone to sudden cries of joy and huge smiles, as if he's been looking for or been pondering about or enjoying something for quite some time, and then suddenly wants to say so! All in all a wonderful little critter :-) .

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