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Kurt Nilsen Wins World Idols

02 January 2004

Idols... We've all seen it, admit it! I must say that I closely followed the Dutch version of this program. The aim is to find new singing talent among the masses, using large scale auditioning over several weeks, narrowing down the number of contestants to ten. That is when the real television-show begins. The contestants have to perform several kinds of songs to try and impress a jury of "knowledgable" people of their talent. In the end it is the viewer who decides who stays and who goes.


Now in Norway this competition was won by a plumber from Bergen, with a gigantic cleavage between his front teeth - much like the female friend of Garfield! Despite this unfortunate look - he has a lovely, warm smile and sparkling eyes by the way - viewers chose Kurt because of his magnificent voice and excellent interpretations of different types of songs. And as is customary for the winners of the national competition, Mr.Nilsen went to the finals of World Idol. Eleven participants took part in this "final of finals", from Pan-Arabia (Lebanon) to Canada, from South Africa and Australia to Norway. Big favourite to win was the American girl Kelly Clarkson. She herself was also so convinced that she would win, that taking part almost was unneccessary! But as you know, things don't always go as you planned.

After the performance of the eleven participants on Christmas Day, where Kelly and Kurt by far had the best acts, the international viewers had 24 hours to vote for their favourite. On Boxing Day the lines closed, and the result would be broadcast in a live show on New Years Day. If this was a hint of who would win the World Idols (Kurt sang "Beautiful Day" by U2 - "New Years Day" is another hit by the same group!) may be left in the middle, but pretty soon it was obvious that the battle would stand between the "Hobbit from Norway" and the "Soul Queen from the US of A". 9 of 11 countries gave Kurt the maximum score of 10 points, Kelly almost always being rated second best. In the end Kurt couldn't believe what had just happened. The viewers from all over the world had just voted for him being the first and only "World Idol"! Quite calmly and jokingly he accepted the glass world globe trofee, and ended the show with yet another excellent, crisp and clear interpretation of "Beautiful Day". As if Bono himself was up there singing, complete with high and low tones! What a worthy winner.

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