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4 children (temporarily !)

21 December 2003

Yesterday our little family suddenly grew from 4 members to 6 members. How you may ask? Well, Jelle and his 6 week old brother Sam came over to stay the evening while their parents were off to a cabaret. Jelle and Casper reacted enthousiastic on seeing eachother again, and ran back and forth, playing with balloons, cars and other toys. Sam was moaning and whining a little the whole evening, so he was quite a handful! But while Casper went to bed after some encouragment from Marjolijn, Jelle couldn't quite seem to get to rest. He kept spooking the rest of the evening, switching between his travelbed, our couch and the playingbox of Robin. We couldn't get him to sleep until a quarter to eleven, and only after having sung good-night songs to him for 15 minutes! But after that he slept soundly, shortly after followed by his little brother. Robin slept for an hour or so, was awake until 1 A.M. and then fell soundly asleep.

Finally we could get around to playing some serious boardgames with our guests Corno, Mandy and Danielle. After a few rounds of Visual Memory we got down to playing Carcassonne. It's a fantastic game where the main aim is to build as many citites, roads and farming areas as possible. While it is important to finish one's own structures, it's even as important to make sure that the other palyers don't get around to finishing their structures. Every round is different, and it's good for 2 - 6 players!

Jelle and Sam were picked up around midnight. Then we continued our rounds of Carcassonne, accompanied by red wine, cheeses, olives and crackers! By the time the clock showed 3 A.M. it was time to go to bed! But not after having played a last game of Visual Memory - which I can tell you is increasingly difficult with the number of units of alcohol one consumes and the number of hours after midnight! But we had a really good time and a lot of fun!

Updated 15 December 2009, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Hmmm..., deze tijdelijke situatie is met de jaren uitgegroeid naar permanent ;-) Wel gezellig hoor, met Lucas en Thomas erbij!

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