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Sinterklaas avond

06 December 2003

Usually this is on the evening of the 5th, but as it was easier to celebrate this on Saturday evening the 6th (for the kids), we packed the car full of kids-stuff and some presents, and off we went ot Werkhoven. There my in-laws waited for us, with a nice dinner and lots of Sint Nicolas goodies. Tradition tells us that everyone draws a lot with on it a name of one of the (extended) family. Thereafter one usually has about a months time to write a poem and make a surprise (usually something creative and artsy). The two combined should tell something about the recipient, preferably something funny or satirical.

As usual in the Family Naafs everyone had been quite inventive and written good poetry! It was a lot of good fun and very enjoyable. Casper received the most gifts. One car for every day of the month... - almost!

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