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USB 2.0

30 November 2003

Yes! It works! For some time now I've wanted to install USB on my computer. This trusty old thing has been my companion since 1996 (yes, I know, some of you will gasp and laugh hartily at this) and has never let me down since. Truth, I cannot run many fantastic games and sometimes it needs some time to think before it acts, but it always works, and does what it's supposed to do! Its Cyrex 133 mHz processor, its 64 MB EDO RAM and its good old "I can only count to 8096" BIOS serves me well! Hey, who needs more than that?


But, back to the USB install. The box containing the PCI-card stated that the minimum requirements was Pentium II 266 mHz, so I was very unsure if it would work or not. But he who doesn't try...

Plugged in the card, booted the computer, ran the installsoftware and...
... my Windows 98 SE found and installed all components! Yes, up and running! Then I tried connecting our HP 3400-series printer to one of the 4 USB-slots! Succes! Next up was the newly acquired Wacom Graphire Mouse Tablet. It required a minimum of USB 2.0 and a Pentium 200 mHz. Hmmm, USB works, why not this! And smoothly it ran! So now the family is quite up2date with the newest communication devices!

Updated 15 December 2004, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

It took some time to figure it out, but it seems Windows 98 Second Edition doesn't fully support USB. One of the most popular uses for USB is in the small mass storage devices, the so-called USB-keys. I got one of these together with my new work-laptop, a ClipDrive 64 MB USB-key. I plugged it into my gool-old-trusty, but to no avail. It wouldn't register or find any drivers on the WIN 98 SE CD-rom. So I went to the ClipDrive website and there I found a download-page with the drivers I needed. Install and go-go-go! Now it's up and running and we're really USB-compliant here at home!

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