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27 October 2003

This morning there was a thin, white blanket of snow all over, everything looked clean and pristine. For Casper it was his first, real, Norwegian snow, so we celebrated this by going out early in the morning to play, seeing our breath forming frostclouds as we were breathing! Casper thought it was fun, though wet, and very bright (to his eyes - he was squinting when the sun shone). After some time it was OK to go inside again (but only because he was hungry!).

Linn Maria called just after breakfast. We will meet at her place on Friday, play with Theodor (son of Thale and Martin) and have dinner there (expect this 2 B a lot of fun - 2 small kids at the dinnertable!). It was nice talking 2 her again; it's been a while...

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