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Is blogging dead?

11 April 2012

It is strange to be here again, typing stuff into the Onlinebase CMS and soon seeing it appear on our family blog. A blog that hasn't been updated regularly for over three years. Sure, once in a while I wrote something, but that was more due to guilt than wanting to write something ;-) How come? Do I just have a lot less to say and share or is it because of the plethora of possibilities social media offers me today?


I personally think that whatever Facebook, Twitter, Hyves, LinkedIn and other interconnected social media have to offer makes blogging and photogalleries a lot less interesting. Sure, there are dangers posting stuff on social media - it can take on a life of its own. The content and pictures you share in lists, circles or openly to all are yours (you think)..., that is, until you want to completely remove them (which I understand is quite impossible) :-( But on the upside it is SOOOO EASY. Click, tap, share - picture on Facebook. Type, tap, share - story on Twitter. So why even bother with a blog that people actively have to visit? Even though you've built in stuff like XML-RPC-pings or automatic notices or feeds or whatever. It needs people actively visiting your site. People don't do that anymore - they're getting inherently lazy because all information is delivered to your doorstep via socila media. Facebook-app, Twitter-app, LinkedIn-app, or even better Tweetdeck - an app that combines all those social media streams into one timeline!

What do you guys, our blog visitors think? Not that I think there will be many people commenting here, on my spam-free, sensible, homegrown commenting system ;-) Maybe the discussion will go on one or more of the social media? Because I'm gonna share this blog-entry there of course ;-)

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  1. Sebastiaan posted:

    As I suspected there would be no reactions to this blogentry. People don't read blogs anymore, it's all social media - lazy bastards ;-)

    ... on 27 April 2012 @ 13:57

  2. Irina Lee posted:

    Hei, Sebastiaan!
    Det var virkelig lenge siden! Jeg tar kontakt med deg i forbindelse med 20-årsreunionfest for russekullet på Berg, som jeg er med på å arrangere. Festen skal være i Oslo sentrum onsdag 30. april 2014 ("natt til 1. mai"!).

    I den anledning samler jeg inn epostadressene til alle i D-klassen. Send meg eposten din, så får du en skikkelig invitasjon etter hvert.

    Håper ellers alt står bra til på dine kanter!
    Beste hilsen fra Irina

    ... on 21 January 2014 @ 22:58

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