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Great question

22 April 2010

This morning I stood in the Randstad Rail (a lightrail train in the Hague) coming into a station. Doors opened and people got in and out. Just before we departed a woman came sprinting to the doors, stopped, and then asked me: "Does this train go to the next station?"

I was so flabbergasted I didn't know what to answer! Of course this train goes to the next station, that's the inherent task of a train isn't it? There aren't any congestion trains skipping stations or trains suddenly changing direction per station. it's not like a lottery, get on and see where you end up. My fellow passengers and I at least got a good chuckle this morning ;-)

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  1. Pappa posted:

    In Norway a legitimate question though...either the train stops for several hours, it collapses in the tunnels, derails or disappears under lots of snow and yet....the next station is just a dream

    ... on 27 April 2010 @ 04:48

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