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No cancer ;-)

22 February 2010

Monday the 22nd will go into history as a very glad one (blid, lykkelig, happy, fantastic, fijn, heerlijk). I was heading to the Amsterdam University Hospital AMC to meet with my mother, my brother-in-law and the surgeon who operated on my mother around ten days ago. There we awaited the results of the dissection of the tumor removed from my mother's left ovary. Coming into the conference room the surgeon immediately said: "It's good news, let me begin with that, very good news." A big smile followed and relief fell upon us. It was not and had acutally never been cancer what my mother had. Explaining what had happened the last 2 months, the surgeon told us the reason why every biopsy and every drawing of "ascites" (fluid from the stomach) hadn't resulted in a diagnosis of sort of ovary cancer. Because it never was cancer in the first place ;-) My mother had what was called a "borderline-tumor". That is neither fish nor meat, neither left nor right, it's exactly in between, but always benign (non-angry, non-dangerous cells, that is). Dissection of the tumor also proved it was borderline. There were visible "unstable" and "unruly" cells, but no signs of harmful or "bad" cells. Even though the tumor had grown to 20cm across and weighing in at 4,5 kilo's, it was utterly harmless. Well, as harmless as a tumor anywhere in the body can be. It brought a lot of discomfort and since it had burst open due to twice prodding in it by the local clinicians at my mothers local hospital (yes, "local" in the sense I keep using it here, has a negative charge!!!), it was good that it was removed. The surgeon was very happy to be the bearer of such good news. Normally she's the bearer of bad news for women with different sorts of ovary cancer. Normally she'd be talking about treatment plants and chemo-therapy. Normally she would be showing patients histograms of expected life-expectancy... Now she could say farewell and know that she would never see my mother again with this diagnosis.

So we're very relieved at the moment, having our lives turned upside-down twice in two months, last time for the worse, this time for the "better". Now my mother will only need time to recover from her surgery and then pick up her life where she left off just before X-mas ;-)

So it actually looks like that all's well that ends well!

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  1. Pappa posted:

    Is inderdaad heerlijk nieuws.....

    ... on 20 March 2010 @ 22:36

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