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17 October 2003

No matter what U do, one day this will happen 2 U 2! Your computer is taken over by an evil entity and completely wrecks your computer. This happened 2 us yesterday.

When I came home the computer was busy with something, rattling away at an astonishing pace. It may be an old computer, but it still does its thing for us. But not at this speed! So I tried 2 get it 2 speak 2 me, U know, cuddle this, fondle that, but alas, 2 no avail. So I did the thing any Microsoft Windows user does when all else fails : Ctrl+Alt+Delete. And then there was nothing...

Abolutely nothing... After having tried all the tricks in the book I ended up copying all the files on the main hardrive 2 secondary harddrives in DOS (thank God 4 DOS-prompt) and did a "format C:\". It was only on the sixth run of the Windows 98 SE setup (!!!) I finally made contact with our computer again. As U might understand - we're up and running again, with a minimum of programs and stuff... A clean start!

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