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Comment-spamming III

16 August 2007

After having written about comment-spamming two times (and receiving lots of spam on those two entries in particular!) it seems that the comment-spamming days are over - for me at least. This summer it was particularly heavy; during two short months I received no less than 444 comment-spam messages. Especially "ramper" and n different versions of "Vilyamxx" where frequent visitors, sharing amongst them about 40% of all the comment-spam. And that on a website that only gets a 3 in the Google Pagerank and frequents no more than a 1000 visitors per month ;-) Luckily I was at home this summer vacation, so I could manually remove all the spam directly from my database (the Onlinebase CMS also offers this, but only per entry, so the manual way was faster!). It as really time to do something!

Now I've said this before, that it really is time to do something, but this time I've done something about these spam-bots written by bored, under-paid, teenage assholes (at least that's how I like to picture them - maybe they're quite the opposite), promoting lots of stuff I'm never gonna need and most of my visitors neither. I've implemented CFFormProtect. Comment-spam is a thing of the past. And the beauty of it is that all checks happen serverside - visitors to this website haven't noticed a thing! The comment-form hasn't changed, actually nothing in the front-end has changed. It's in the back-end everything happens!

I won't go into detail about what this wonderful little snippet of code does, but it partially does what the Onlinebase CMS already has built in and adds many more great features. Next to that it has an implementation of CFAkismet - without me having to do anything but fill in some variables in an ini-file ;-) Wouppie, I'm a happy guy. And I have more time on my hands now that I don't have to clear up all those freakin' comment-spams!

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