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29 November 2006

As you might have seen there haven't been that many updates or any other stories lately. The reason for that is of course because i'm ever so busy (who isn't) with a zillion things - work, family, developments in a personal sphere, and so forth and so forth. Having so many things to do and so many daily chores that swallow up all available time, almost none is left for stuff like this. I recently rediscovered a mail that I had (re-)sent to myself about ten times on stuff I'd like to write about. I somehow never got around to it. But here's the list (and the short conclusions I made about each and every item):

  • Podcasts [S. Naafs - van Dijk] (nope, not interesting enough, at least not something I would want to write on now, as it's sort of passé...)
  • NEC [S. Naafs - van Dijk] (nah, old news, not really exciting anymore...)
  • The 2 "new" websites [S. Naafs - van Dijk] (no, 'cause I couldn't for the life of me remember which two sites this should be...)
  • Accessible tables [S. Naafs - van Dijk] I could write a piece on this
  • Adwords shut-out [S. Naafs - van Dijk] I've already written something about this
  • And then this: [S. Naafs - van Dijk] Has recently (???) been taken over by Yahoo and have become Yahoo widgets

So one day I might write a story on accessible tables. I've got a bunch of links to websites discussing this topic, presenting tutorials and showing off a CSS Zen Garden of tables. But that's for later, for now I only wanted to write a short something on all the stuff I wanted to write about but never got around to ;-)

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  1. Jonathan posted:

    I had a list once about stuff I wan't to program and new languages to learn, but never got around to it. There's only so much time...

    One more thing, what do you mean, podcasting is passé? There are thousands of podcasts about a wide range of subjects. I'm subscribe to a few and I love it. It makes the commute feel so much shorter.

    Check out

    ... on 30 November 2006 @ 22:29

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