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Thinking about cars

22 September 2003

After the IAA in Frankfurt I have thought a lot about cars! Naturally! My friend from work receives his new Mazda 6 at the end of this month. It's a really nice car, great handling and good options - in short: value 4 money. Personally I'm very fond of Honda and Volvo, and tried the new Honda Accord Tourer at the IAA. It's a great car, beautiful, large and very Honda! But I was a little surprised that the space for backseat-passengers was less than in the Mazda 6. Hmmm... Having reviewed the specs of the two cars for some time I have come to believe that the Mazda 6 is the better buy. In the Netherlands you'll save more than € 5000,- . As my dealer sells both brands when (and if) we want to buy a new car, it probably will be a Mazda 6. Unless of course our dealer comes up with a better deal for the Honda!

Mazda 6 SportBreak Honda Accord Tourer Volvo V 70 R

But if I could have my "dream" family-car it would have to be the Volvo V 70 R. An enormous, beautiful, safe, fast and fantastic drivers and family car! Drool...

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