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Two sick children

27 October 2006

This morning Lucas woke up crying - not unusual, he usually wants to get out of bed the minute he wakes up, ready for a new day - but today he also was quite restless and warm, very warm. After some bouts with the ear-thermometer we finally settled on 39,8 degrees centigrade. That's very hot for an adult, but not dangerously hot for a baby or a small child. Still it is a clear indicator of some illness that Lucas had in his little body. But next to a runny nose and watery eyes there was little other discomfort, apart form the obvious - not feeling too hapy about being so warm. Everything was an effort and he was doing very much crying. Still, eating, drinking and watching the telly was no problem, even though you could easily see that he was a very sick, little boy. We think it's a bad flu, so hopefully he'll recover in a couple of days.

A little later that morning Robin also went from happy and playful with a runny nose, to tired, sleepy and watery eyes, just like Lucas. Most probably he has the same flu in him, so now we have two sick kiddos. For now Casper seems to have outsmarted the flu as of yet, as well as us two parents! Hopefully it'll stay that way!

Updated 06 November 2006, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Luckily the kiddos didn't suffer for long - the very next day and many Kids Paracetamol later the two of them are feeling a lot better. Robin was completely knock-out yesterday, but today the fever has lost its grip. Casper wasn't affected at all! So we now have three happy kiddos again ;-)

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  1. Jonathan posted:

    I hope the kids feel beter soon and the flu doesn't spread!

    ... on 27 October 2006 @ 14:47

  2. Opa posted:

    Kusjes voor de knuffels, beter dat ze het nu hebben dan rond de kerstboom-tijd

    ... on 28 October 2006 @ 22:58

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