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Lucas is walking

15 September 2006

Lucas on the floor looking at the cameraFor a couple of weeks now Lucas has tried to walk by himself. He had discovered how he could use the sofa, other furniture and the walls to support his balance when testing life on two feet. Last week Marjolijn and I, as well as Casper and Robin, trained Lucas to walk a few steps in between us. First two steps, then four-five steps and then a real stretch all by himself. As Lucas is the prime example of how a child develops (open any book on child development, read about the different phases, look at Lucas, and you can follow Lucas' development or read the book - either way it's the same ;-) !), he also does things in the right order. Try first, develop a sense of safety and knowledge that walking on two feet actually is possible, and then try it out - and he did!

This week he walked all by himself, and doesn't want to do anything else. He walks everywhere and nowhere, covering many kilometers on his two little feet. And he's so proud. I'll post some pictures of him walking as soon as we have developed the filmrolls (yes, we still don't have a digital camera!).

Even though it is a couple of months later than his other two brothers, he's really doing all other things fast now. He even understands what I'm saying to him or telling him (not) to do. In Norwegian or in Dutch. Maybe he's just very smart or it's the tone of my voice or certain patterns in the language I use that he understands. Anyhow, he's a very fascinating little man to follow.

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  1. Opa posted:

    Trots op de kleine man, soms is het wel eens lekker om een kind te hebben dat alles doet "volgens het boekje"....wordt later vast iets groots in Kwaliteitszorg of

    ... on 15 September 2006 @ 16:43

  2. Jonathan posted:

    Leuk man! Nu kan je weer naar het volgende hoofdstuk in je groeiboek :P

    De foto gaat buiten het kader van de tekst, in IE, FF en Opera.

    Ik zie het trouwens ook in bloglines :) scheelt weer een mailtje, maar ik begrijp het wel hoor trotse vader :P

    ... on 19 September 2006 @ 23:11

  3. Lars Martin posted:

    Kult :)

    ... on 20 September 2006 @ 08:20

  4. Taco posted:

    cool, al zes wandelende benen op de werled gezet dus!!

    ... on 20 September 2006 @ 13:44

  5. Bernard Naafs posted:

    Ja, kinderen blijven boeien


    ... on 21 September 2006 @ 02:36

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