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Gino - Rest in peace

30 July 2006

Picture of Gino playing outside Today we went out to Åsland Pukkverk, just down the mountain from where I used to live in Norway, to spread the ashes of our beloved Dutch Kees, our dog Gino. He died a little over two weeks ago after having survived one bout of cancer. The second round he lost...

There was a special pond - tjern in Norwegian - where he loved to swim. Everytime we'd been out walking with him in the woods, most often for hours, he would run into this pond to coll down. And everytime we shouted at him not to - it wasn't the best smelling sort of pond, with lots of waterplants and a soft, earthy bottom. Anyways, he ignored us everytime, even sometimes halting just before plunging in, looking at us daringly, and then turning at once and jumping into the water ;-)

We went there together with my father, walked the couple of hundred meters into the woods from the main road to the pond, where the kids, Marjolijn and myself climbed down to the waterside. There we opened the canister containing Gino's ashes and slowly dispersed of his ashes into the water. It was a wonderful sight to see the very fine grained ashes turn into a milkygrey cloud in the water, being spread out in the water into an evergrowing carpet of grey, finally being merged with the water.

Gino was once again in his favourite pond...

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