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The Scrutinizer

14 June 2006

Sometimes my own words cannot explain or begin to relate what something I promote really is. So I'll take my leave and use the words of the maker of Scrutinizer himself:


The Scrutinizer is a service that allows you to analyze, assess and validate any link using various tools and testers on the web.


Rather than creating direct links to various validators and link analyzers, one link can be used to submit to all of them. It simplifies the task of figuring out which application needs what type of URL (Domains only/HTTP/No HTTP) and also saves time and space by freeing up the code from unneccessary URLs.


The Scrutinizer is a project created by Rosano Coutinho and the Phile Planet Network.


The Scrutinizer was driven by the idea of creating a single useful service that can be used universally; it was inspired by sites like Feed Icons, Gravatar and The Socializer and also, the (currently dead) Firefox extension, Checky.

The only thing I'll add is this: the link.

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