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Cowon iAudio M5L

27 February 2006

The Cowon iAudio M5L from three different angles (left, front, right)I'd written a long piece on my new MP3 player, but it got wiped out by my own CMS. The session had timed out - gone story...

In short, it's a great little gadget and I enjoy it everyday! U can buy it here: A couple of Dutch reviews can be found here. I've also Google'd for a couple of English reviews.

I'll try and finish the story at a later time, also explaining why I chose just this MP3 player and not an iPod.

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  1. Pappa posted:

    Why not Ipod....? Well, I know one reason: normally when you buy a product, you OWN the product, that's normal and is part of a democracy...oh? Not at Apple!!! If you want to buy their music, you have to sign an agreement that says that APPLE can decide what YOU can do with your music AFTER you have downloaded it!!! They still own it, they state!!!!
    In Norway the "ombudsman" already stated it was illegal and now one customer, of course backed up by a lot of angry people and a very good lawyer (Tor Erling Staff, for those who know him...), have reported Apple and the iPod circus to the police and it WILL get to court, this time... the outcome MUST be: iPod and Apple WILL lose this case which will be followed by millions of buy, you own...simple democracy...

    ... on 07 March 2006 @ 10:27

  2. Jonathan posted:

    The same is true for consoles and dvd players. Sony states that when you buy there ps2 you can't modify it.

    I own an iPod (it's with a lowercase i and capital P) mini G2 because it was good value, had a good battery life and the clickwheel. I don't like DRM and don't buy from the iTMS. I do like to pay for good music, but it must be DRM free. I'm not gonna own my iPod mini forever and I don't want to have to buy my music again when I get a new mp3 player.

    The most music I listen to these days it Podsafe music. The is music which is free for download for podcasters and they're starting selling them aswell, DRM free.

    Check it out:

    I like and among others.

    ... on 07 March 2006 @ 11:51

  3. Peter posted:

    DRM??????? Die Rot Muziek?lol

    ... on 07 March 2006 @ 15:49

  4. Sebastiaan posted:

    In het verlengde van wat Peter en Jonathan gemeld hebben, hier en nieuwsbericht uit NL:

    "Betaalde webmuziek KPN onbruikbaar
    Internetters die betaald hebben voor streaming muziek van KPN hebben straks waardeloze bestanden op hun computer. De platenindustrie heeft bepaalde licenties ingetrokken waardoor de beveiligde muziek niet meer afgespeeld kan worden."
    Zie ook:

    ... on 09 March 2006 @ 08:25

  5. Jochem posted:

    The solution is simple. Just buy a CD, and load the music to your computer and your iPod (or any other MP3 player). You will have the CD to play at home (and the extra fun of REAL shopping and the 'book' a.e.) and the ease of a small music player with a lot of music on the road. No spann.

    ... on 13 March 2006 @ 11:58

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