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Det snør, det snør, tidelibom...

06 March 2006

It's been snowing in the Netherlands for the last week. everything is white. Usually during daytime a lot of the snow melts away, but in certain places, like where I work in the Hague, the snow stays for a longer while on the ground. Hence it was difficult to travel and drive along the coast, whilest in Werkhoven and Utrecht the roads were snowfree - white actually, of all the salt that's being put on the roads.

Det snør, det snør, tidelibom, det er det det gjør, tidelibom, nå snør det mye mer enn før, tidelibom og huttemegtu.

This morning it was especially white, with all the roads and bikepaths still white from the slightly wet snow. I took a chance and rode my racebike to the trainstation on Bunnik. It was a risk and I had a few near misses and slight brushes with fate during the 15 minute biketrip. Mildly wet and whobbly from the trip I encountered a lot of white people, mostly at the front and on and around the area of the torso. What was especially funny was all the people who wore little white hats of all sizes and shapes. Small patches of snow covering parts of their head, quite amusing actually. Even the trains had white handkerchiefs in front of their mouths - if U've ever seen a Dutch Intercity, fashionably called "Dogshead" and imagine it being a little bullterrier with a hanky under his chin - that's about the sight that met me as the train entered the station in Utrecht.

Presumably we'll keep this weather for a couple of days more. Hopefully soon Spring will take a peek around the corner and invite us all into the warmth of her bossom ;-)

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  1. Pappa posted:

    Well, in Norway and especially in Oslo we had the toughest winter since 1903....I still have 60 cms of snow on my balcony and last night it was minus 20degr.C...2day though it is a mild minus 12degrC, sunshine and no wind, a lovely day for a stroll in the park (if can find it, that

    ... on 07 March 2006 @ 10:31

  2. Jeroen Sangers posted:

    If has been a while since I last read something from you, but I see on your site that you are still writing.
    I found out that this paparticular entry contains an error making your feeds invalid.
    The error is caused by the incorrect encoding of these wonderful Norwegian symbols.

    ... on 17 March 2006 @ 11:37

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