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Lucas has the chickenpox

10 February 2006

Our smallest man is a little sick - or at least he was sick last weekend. Around 40 degrees centigrade fever, ceying, not really feeling all that well. During the Sunday things were better and on Monday he was happy and smiling. But it wasn't until Tuesday before we understood what was up. Then Marjolijn found small red dots all over him body, some already forming small blisters. It was the Chickenpox.

Luckily all our other kids have had it (Robin at age 2, Casper at age 3) and Marjolijn and I also have had it. Not all our friends though. Jonathan, my colleague has never had it, their little man neither, and Caspers best friends sister, Lotte, neither. But as Casper has his birthday on Sunday, we hope that the period of contamination is past at that moment. Ususally this is when crusts appear on the (dried-out) blisters. We ahve two more days before Caspers birthday party, we hope it will be over by then. Anyway, dear guests, herewith your are forewarned!

PS: I'm also sick - with the flu, completely knocked out. I usually cough my lungs out - ouch, that hurts ;-(

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  1. Pappa/Opa posted:

    Remember the kids when they were sick last time..especially Casper was really "hurt"....but for the others as Jonathan....why not get it over with...especially girls...later in their lives they will be grateful that Lucas helped them out....adn for my son: take it easy and get something from the pharmacist for the coughing...get well al of U...

    ... on 10 February 2006 @ 13:40

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