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Working alone for a week

03 February 2006

Last week my colleague was on a weeks well-earned holiday, so I was aware that it might be a busy working-week for e. But I had no idea it would be so busy. Not that things went wrong or anything, but all the work that ordinarily was evenly spread out over a couple of weeks, all ended up coming together in this one week - my week alone ;-( It was a challenge, that's for sure, but next to the hard work it was also quite enriching. I learnt alot, about myself, my other colleagues, my work and aspects of responsibility I was unaware of having. For sure it is fun to figure out why something doesn't work, especially if you find the bug and not only fix it, but make it better (not the bug of course, but the problemarea inflicted by the bug)! But when the bugs swarm it's not as fun anymore. Luckily I was able to make quite a couple of good, though sometimes hasty decisions, helped by colleagues from all lines of profession. Most of the things that ended up getting planned in "my" week, got done or was fixed!

So even though it was hard work, it was a lot of fun as well. Quite comforting to know I can handle such a stressful week, and quite stimulating looking back at all that was achieved! But, Jonathan, welcome back ;-)

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  1. Pappa posted:

    you really deserve such good collegues....and your self-esteem will grow utterly....that's ALWAYS nice to know

    ... on 05 February 2006 @ 12:01

  2. Jonathan posted:

    Glad to be back! I know what you must have been through. It can be very rewarding to see what you've accomplished at the end of the day/week.

    As you can see on my blog I've had an exciting weekend :(

    ... on 05 February 2006 @ 23:03

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