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05 February 2006

The first page of the buildinginstructions for my Lego spacestationMany, many years ago, when I was a child, I played with Lego. I had lots of Lego, I mean it, really lots of Lego. I can remember my room being full of houses, cars, buidlings, ships, planes, spacetravel thingz. Especially the last group of Lego's was my favourite. Maybe I got my fascination for al things space from my dad - the fact is that I had many, many types of space-related Lego-sets. I could spend hours upon hours playing, building, remodelling, rebuilding and destroying the Lego. What a wonderful time that was!


And then for some reason the interest faded away, the hobby was replaced, the Lego-sets were stowed away to make room for other things. But somewhere along that path I did something I regret until this day: I sold most of my Lego. In retrospect what a dumbass thing to do!

One of the larger space exploration Lego-models I used to haveSo today I unpacked what I hadden't gotten around to selling of my Lego, because Casper has grown quite interested in Lego already (Robin as well, but in another fashion than Casper). What remained was the spacestation you see in this post, as well as a couple of 10 other spacevehicles. Next to that about 5 kilo of Lego-bricks, as well as a couple of three or four different Technic Lego models. The latter I told Casper that he can paly with when he gets a couple of years older. He understood this fully and keeps telling Robin this everytime the build or reshape one of the Lego-sets.

I usually kept all the little building instructions booklets, but over the years some of them have gone missing - like the one for the spacestation. But never fear, here's Google to the rescue! I quite soon got around to a Dutch site called the Brickfactory. Another one of the space exploration Lego-models I used to have -  a huge blue robotHere you can find almost all Lego-sets ever produced, as well as the building instructions for them all, neatly scanned and ordered like an electronic, online booklet. Excellent! Within minutes I had found the spacestation instructions, and half an hour later I was done! Great. Casper and Robin were thrilled and played for hours with the Lego.

I must admit that seeing the kids playing with the Lego my old crush for the little plastic parts was rekindled. As I write this blogpost I am in the proces of buying - or trying to buy through an online auctionhouse ( - many Lego-sets and -models of bygone years. In this way I hope to restore my own Lego-collection and extend our families number of Lego-models, for everyones enjoyment and for hours of playingfun!

Updated 10 February 2006, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Today we received a large parcel from the south of the Netherlands. It was from a woman of which I had bought around 12 small boxes of different Lego-sets. And tomorrow I will be driving to two adresses to buy some more second-hand Lego. Our little collection suddenly grows fast - for me it's a revival of my youth, for Casper and Robin it's more Lego to play with and build the most magnificent things with!

I'll try and post a list of Lego-sets that we have until now. I found a great couple of websites the other day on Lego:

  • - an international second-hand Lego trading site
  • - an inventory site where you can search for and find just about everything on Lego, from which bricks are used in which Lego-sets down to information on the smallest bricks
  • - the official Lego site

Updated 01 December 2006, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Jonathan found this little fun movie on YouTube: Building a Lego Star destroyer in four minutes. In reality it took the two people two whole days to build it. It makes you wonder: "is this still fun?".

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  1. Pappa posted:

    Yeah, I remember stumbling over all the parts...but the most amazing thing was that when you got a specific Lego-present, you made it work and after that you decided it was much more fun to alter the original setup and make something completely different from the same package...and it always made sense...impressive...just waiting until you report back on Casper doing the

    ... on 05 February 2006 @ 12:03

  2. Jonathan posted:

    You too a lego nut! Damn, I was also into the space lego. I liked modeling my own spacecraft. The one I played most with looked a lot like the viper from Battlestar Galactica. It won all my space battles. I used these craft:

    O yeah, the url of the Brick factory is wrong, its .htm not .html:

    ... on 05 February 2006 @ 23:44

  3. Jonathan posted:

    Actualy it was the front of the Gamma-V Laser Craft which was my favorite toy, and what do you know, it's for sale on marktplaats.

    ... on 05 February 2006 @ 23:53

  4. Sebastiaan posted:

    Fixed the link - thanx!

    I was so smitten by this Lego-bug that I have about 20 biddings going on Marktplaats for many different kinds of Lego. From space to daily life, from small vehicles to large planes.

    Hopefully some of by biddings will be honoured. But as things go on Marktplaats, sellers can wait for months before finally accepting a bid. I've concentrated by biddings with people who sell a lot of Lego - then maybe they see the chance to sell more for a fair price to ojne bidder, rather than selling the items off one by one to many individuals! Cross your fingers - hope to buy!

    ... on 06 February 2006 @ 00:01

  5. Pappa posted:

    You still want MORE????????????????????????

    ... on 06 February 2006 @ 10:22

  6. Sebastiaan posted:

    Yes, but of course!

    I sold most of my Lego (today I wish that you'd stopped me), but the kidz like it a lot. So therefore I want to buy more for them. Can be any kind of Lego. With Casper I made the agreement that he will be allowed to play with my Technic Lego when he's 7 or 8 (a few years older to be precise), but for all the other Lego he, and Robin, are old enough.
    That's why I want MORE!!!

    ... on 06 February 2006 @ 10:32

  7. pappa posted:

    Can't remember EVER having heard YOU selling the almost most precious items you owned!!!!!! I remember though a big blue Legoback, filled to the brim and to drawers filled with the same

    ... on 06 February 2006 @ 14:06

  8. pappa posted:


    ... on 06 February 2006 @ 14:07

  9. Sebastiaan posted:

    Still, that's what has happened. It's all gone...
    Unless my dear parents have a secret stash somewhere with Lego ;-)

    ... on 06 February 2006 @ 14:14

  10. Pappa posted:

    Tja, vanwege de boycot van Deense producten, o.a. Lego, komt er vast een gigantische uitverkoop een zijn dood....

    ... on 08 February 2006 @ 18:19

  11. pappa posted:

    It seems that you corrected it all at Caspers birthday........hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    ... on 17 February 2006 @ 11:22

  12. Sebastiaan posted:

    Tja, I got a little carried away and have now enough Lego to give Casper and Robin a Lego-present every weekend for the next year or so ;-) Time to put a stop to the frenzy!

    ... on 06 March 2006 @ 22:23

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