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Plato and Aristotle - go home

29 January 2006

When I quite retorically asked what would be up next in my last post on Casper, I didn't expect things to move as fast ahead as they did! Just before I left for work on Friday, Casper woke up, exclaiming that I hadn't kissed him goodbye (I usually kiss him goodbye before I leave for work in the morning -sort of a morning ritual). It was true - I was late and I didn't want to wake the kids - if they get out of bed too early, spending a day at home is no fun for the parent in charge - so I crept down the stairs as quietly as possible. Not quite quietly enough obviously! I went upstairs to Casper's room, gave him a kiss, wished him a good day and turned to go back down. Then he popped the question:

"Daddy, where do people come from? I mean, how are people, mums and dads and little children, made?"


For a young parent this is quite a shocking moment, especially that early in the morning! I musterd up all my courage and storytelling abilities and answered something like this:

"Well, all mums and dads where children once, so I guess all mums and dads are therefore made by their mums and dads. You were made by mummy and daddy, Robin and Lucas as well. Remember, that Lucas was in mummy's belly? So I think we safely can say that all children come from mothers and fathers, and they themselves were also once children and also must've had mothers and fathers. That's how we're made!"

I looked at him in a pleasant though tense suspense, wondering how he would take my answer. He seemed to be a little puzzled by my answer, but then a sort of flash of understanding came across his face.

"Ok", he said, "now I understand."

And with that simple yet powerful answer he quickly gave me a kiss, turned around and flopped back into bed. Within seconds he was asleep again.

I on the other hand remained seated at his bed for quite some time, pondering what had just happened. Deep in thought and impressed by our little man, I went downstairs, brought my bike from the shed and went to work.

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  1. Pappa posted:

    Something to remember.....his heart has a nice connection to his

    ... on 05 February 2006 @ 11:59

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