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All good things are three

25 January 2006

Casper has just started going to school. He begins with once every week until he's four, and then we change to 4 or 5 days a week. Things are going very well, but some days Casper is a little more tired than other days. All these new experiences and emotions, new friends and new things - it can be quite tiring and exhausting for a nearly four-year old!

Last Monday was such a day. Casper was home for lunch (normal with an hour and a half break at noon for Dutch schoolchildren - parents just have to learn to cope), but was quite tired. He wanted to stay at home, but Marjolijn had to run a few appointments that afternoon. So she suggested to Casper the following:

"As I see it you have two choices Casper. One: you go back to school for the afternoon session. Or two: you come with me on my errands. Which will it be?"


He quite smugly and with a complete straight face replied the following:

"No mum, you're wrong. I don't have two choices, I have three. I can either go back to school, or I can go with you on your errands, or..., you can call Loekie and have her come over to babysit me!
And I think I'll go for the third option! Would you be so kind as to call Loekie and have her come over?"

What can you say? Marjolijn was speechless. In the end she did call Loekie, who came over and watched Casper while Marjolijn ran out on her errands. What's up next - Plato and Aristotle?

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  1. Opa posted:

    And this IS a true story, because.....yes Opa did phone that day and talked to both Loekie and

    ... on 26 January 2006 @ 20:17

  2. Pappa/Opa posted:

    Plato or Aristoteles? No...just common sense on a different level and at a very young age....hope there will be more of these...they might save his world and make it a better one...and I love him for it...

    ... on 26 January 2006 @ 20:19

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