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We're moving to our new house

07 December 2005

On the 10th of December we will be moving to our new home in Werkhoven. For some time we will be without an Internet connection and without a phoneline, so our website will be down as well. But never fear, Blogger is here! As you know we were on Blogger for a while during the time I needed to set up our website from static HTML to dynamic content - and now we're back there!

If everything works out as planned will soon take you to our Blogger website at From there we will be posting about the move, settling in and living at our new home in Werkhoven. You've seen the pictures in Marjolijn's section - we'll post some more as soon as we've got everything up and running at our new place! C U soon ;-)

Oh, and for the Feedreaders out there - please check out our Atom-feed which can be found at

Updated 18 December 2005, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

We've moved! As of December 10 we live permanently in Werkhoven!
Four big guys and two trucks later everything is here. Now the big unpacking begins ;-)

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  1. pappa posted:

    And it will be easier now to put pictures in the blog, no URL's necessary anymore, just pick/select them from your

    ... on 08 December 2005 @ 22:17

  2. Sebastiaan posted:

    Blogger is only temporary, and publishing pictures is a lot easier whern they're on your own server, rather than on another server. I think Blogger is nice, but nothing compared to my own system. Self-built is always, feels always, better than others built ;-)

    ... on 08 December 2005 @ 23:47

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