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Me and my colleagues

02 December 2005

a photoshopped picture of me and my colleaguesA little while ago my colleagues and I celebrated 5 years of being together. We've worked together on many a project and shared good, bad and challenging times. So we figured it was time to get a grouppicture of the gang - just for old times sake. It was a merry photoshoot and the endresult was quite nice. But then Jonathan got the idea to cut'n'paste Sascha into the picture and pretty soon he was having such a good time with Photoshop, that he transformed us all into "the Merry group of ICT-D'ers". We had a good laugh about it, and a huge smile comes to my face everytime I see this picture. So I thought I'd share it with you too ;-)

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  1. Pappa posted:

    THIS IS REALLY A GOOD ONE....I think it will bring a lot of smiles on anybody's face when seeing these blubbery (type Spitting Images)faces thing...Sebastiaan even has some african-american features now...lolololol...and hereby a new contract for the Adams Family part3 (A Normal Day at the Office..)

    ... on 02 December 2005 @ 16:40

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