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Microsoft IE Developer Toolbar

19 September 2005

Microsoft has released a Developer Toolbar which works with IE6. After Mozilla and Opera now Internet Explorer can be extended with handy tools, not only for webdevelopers, but for everyone using IE. After having downloaded and installed it (goes lightning fast) you have to restart your computer before the changes take place! Good old Microsoft style, in Mozilla and Opera it's Gogogo after you've installed an extension - no need to reboot Windows ;-(

Anyway, you can download it here. Please do share your experiences with this toolbar in the comments.

Posted by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk | top


  1. Pappa posted:

    No thanks, it' still a Betaversion.....rather wait until it's released...and soon I'll have no place on my screen anymore to write a

    ... on 19 September 2005 @ 23:11

  2. Sebastiaan posted:

    The toolbar crashes IE when you choose the option to switch off images. Still some way to go Microsoft ;-)

    ... on 26 September 2005 @ 13:24

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