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Garden State

19 September 2005

Cover of CD for the soundtrack of the movie Garden StateSometimes there comes along a movie that sticks to your mind. It has a story that is light, well written, sometimes deeply emotional and is accompanied by a cascade of great music. Garden State is just such a movie. It has Natalie Portman starring as a light, happy, "life-is-really-not-that-bad-make-sure-you-enjoy-it-now" kind of person playing against actor/writer/director Zack Braff, who in the movie plays a 25 year old actor who's been medicated since the age of 9! Life hasn't really dawned on him yet, and when going to New York for his mothers funeral he leaves all his meds at home in LA. For the first time in 16 years he learns what life's really all about. Meeting up with old friends, meeting new friends and consciously falling in love. The whole story is backed up with a very strong soundtrack, which received a Grammy Award for "Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For A Motion Picture, Television or Media". It also received a Webby Award - "The people's voice winner", next to officially being selected for a whole lot of film festivals. Go to your nearest movie rental, invite some friends and watch a really wonderful movie. All credits to Zach Braff - good movie man!

The soundtrack is available at You can order it or download it from your favourite online music store.

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