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22 May 2005

sol Here's a website a familymember created recently. For now it's hosted as a subdomain of our familydomain, but it will be hosted under its own name at a later time.
Today we are going to see if we can recreate the design with webstandards. Using (X)HTML and CSS as well as SSI's and the works! We'll cut down on all the inline styles, the imagemaps and the ASP-files. All in all the site should be more cross-browser, faster, more efficient and easier to maintain. Exciting ;-)

Updated 12 June 2005, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

The website is now hosted under it's own name. Click on the link above to go to the site. Rework and stuff will come later!

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  1. peter posted:

    Familymember? I know our van Dijk family originally comes from the South of Germany, Bayern, and Naafs is well very Dutch as well.....but....???

    ... on 22 May 2005 @ 15:01

  2. peter posted:

    Ooooooops, I just remembered Meike's Peter....sorry...he and I share Queen....well their records, that Peter/Meike...of course you are FAMILY!!!!!!!!!

    ... on 22 May 2005 @ 15:26

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