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09 November 2004

I've been tweaking and adjusting and working on the website on and off for a very long time now. The last update was on the 30th of June, so I guess it was time to post some stuff again. I've been writing on and off the last couple of months about small stuff and thingz, but mostly I've been busy with other projects. One of those was rebuilding this weblog as an applicationserver-driven website, where the data is being fed from a database. In it there are a lot of automated features that I painstakingly incorporated and try to keep up with in our current this static HTML weblog. But it's now up and running, I only need to get it hosted somewhere. For the time being I might borrow some space at the server of a friend of mine from work. Check out the pre-release, version 0.9, at When I get around to it I will provide a more permanent hosting for our words on the Internet. Then you can leave us your comments directly on the weblog, navigate more easily through the different entries, and check out a clearer archives section!

I've also updated Caspers and Robins section with a couple of pictures. More are coming very soon, just need to get the old Agfa SnapScan scanner attached to our new PC. Oh, and if you wanna know when these pages (or any other page in the weblog) were last updated, check the red-green box thingy at the bottom of the menu!

Updated 10 July 2005, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

As of today this weblog is no longer hosted at Blogger or consisting of static HTML-pages, but driven by my own inventions ;-) !

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