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Ruim Baan voor Minderheden

01 June 2003

small screenshot of the website of Ruim Baan voor Minderheden This is the first Internet-site I have co-designed and developed for a customer (MINSZW) of my employer (CGEY Capgemini). The main structure, working and layout is based on the original homesite of the Ministry ( For all the sister-sites, as this one is, there are agreement on how much these sites should look similar to the main homesite. For this site it was more or less clear that the lay-out and structure should be the same, but that the design could be different. So although the website looks quite different from the original homesite, it is quite obvious that the main elements are to be found on the same places. This website is built using HTML and CSS, where the stylesheet defines markup, design and structure, with a table-based lay-out to fall back on for older browsers. The content is fed from a SQL-database using Macromedia Cold Fusion as scripting language. There is no or little use of Javascript. Searching the site is done with Verity. Furthermore horizontal bar graphs are used to display statistical information. These graphs are designed with Cold Fusion and CSS using only <div>'s in a "cfmodule" (<cfmodule template="css-graph.cfm">).

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