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Kill Bill's Browser

12 May 2006

I read an article in the little monthly ICT-newspaper at work today about a new campaign started by Google, quite amusingly called "Kill Bill's Browser". In short it explains about the benefits of changing from IE to another, better browser, i.e. (no, not that IE - no pun intented!) Firefox. There's another website launched by Google as well, where you can earn money by having people change from IE to Firefox. At you can earn money (1 $ per visitor changing) through your AdSense account, presuming Google hasn't thrown you out for any reason they seem fit. Hopefully this won't happen to people supporting this initiative, because Google wouldn't only be damaging their own reputation but that of Firefox as well. Oh what the hech, who cares? Then people will just Get Opera!

I will stick to the yellow bar on top of our pages for now, the number of visitors I get I will not annoy with pop-ups, occasional glimpses of our website or a complete referal to another website! But, if you're reading this and using IE (in other words, you see the yellow bar on top of every page), please get a better browser!

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