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Agentschap SZW

01 September 2003

small screenshot of the website of Agentschap SZW This is the second site I designed & developed for MINSZW. It is quite similar to the first site I developed (RBVM) on aspects as structure, working and layout. A main difference is the use of several stylesheets to define the layout of "subsites" within the main site. This is done by giving the content-area and the side-navigation a different "look-and-feel" than the top part of the site (logo, main menu, search box and function-buttons), using colours to accentuate the difference. This is accomplished by using three different stylesheets, which have the same content as to the top part of the site. For the lower part the font-colours, link-colours and the menus are different than for the main part of the site. Structure and layout remains the same.

http://agentschap.szw.nlFor the rest this website is built in the same way as the aforementioned site, except for there not being any graphs.

Updated 02 June 2004, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Yesterday I was told that I will have the honours of doing a redesign of the Agentschap website. Unfortunately it will only be a graphical redesign (new colours and background-images), and not a technical redesign, which I was secretly hoping for. Then I could have applied the knowledge I acquired during invention and creation of the new structural design for the "Verlofwijzer". But this redesign has to be done properly with an acknowledged design. And my new design for the SZW websites isn't there yet. The department has to issue a formal document on this first, before it can be applied to new and existing websites. Anyhow, it will be fun to work on the stylesheet I created almost 9 months ago. Change the colours and images and see if the stylesheet is well enough adapted to such a designchange! New screenshot coming up as soon as the redesign is live!

Updated 28 June 2004, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

small screenshot of the website of Agentschap SZW after new stylesheet and partial new structure applied As we went on vacation on the 11th of June I couldn't finish the redesign completely. There was still a little uncertainty about the header (yellow dots - yes or no), the e-mail subscription needed a makeover and some new sections needed to be added and others needed to be updated. I left that task to my trusted colleague Jonathan. On the 21st of June, during our vacation, the site went live with the new look-and-feel. I didn't find or check it out until the 25th, but hey, we were on vacation right? As you can see from the screenshot, it is quite green. In Dutch we say "apple-green", but you can of course also call it "summer-fresh"..., or "lime" or.... Anyway, it took some time getting used to, but I guess given time you can get used to almost any colourcombination. Oh, and the different stylesheets per main section have disappeared in favour of a more homogenous appearence for the whole site. Click on the link for the website to see for yourself!

Updated 29 March 2005, by Sebastiaan Naafs - van Dijk

Today a former colleague of mine mailed me to inform me that the Agentschap-website had received an award - the Dutch Governmental Monitor Award, in the category "Governmental Agencies". See the ranking here and read about the award here.

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  1. Michael Rumpf posted:

    Hoi Sebastiaan,
    Bedankt voor je melding. We zullen er naar kijken. Weet je trouwens dat je al twee sites hebt die in de prijzen zijn gevallen. Naast de primav-site nu ook het Agentschap, zie:
    Michael Rumpf

    ... on 29 March 2005 @ 09:42

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