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JBS Unix Solutions

01 September 2003

small screenshot of the website of JBS Unix Solutions This is the website of my sisters husband. He runs a small company offering webhosting and network-maintenance. Their website was quickly made up in Frontpage, but didn't really have a professional "look-and-feel". So I offered to do a revamp of the entire site, in exchange for the possibility to run the Movable Type CMS for my own site on their servers! So very soon our family site will be restyled to fit into the Movable Type framework. The website for JBS Unix Solutions is probably the fastest and easiest design I have done until know, but still one of my favourties. It's so plain, so obvious, so accessible, so powerful, yet so simple. Containing only <div>'s for structure (except for a contactform made up with a table) it validates as correct XHTML and CSS. Furthermore there is no use of colours other than in the navigational links. Purely black and white (and all the shades in between). For some parts a subnavigation was required. This I placed under the main navigation, using colours to group the navigational items together, thereby "greying" out the parts of the main navigation which were not active. Simple but obvious for the visitors. All in all a "stripped-down-to-essentials" website, completely according to the wishes of my "in-law".

Valid XHTML! Valid CSS 2!

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