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30 June 2005

This is a website I developed for my current employer Capgemini at the beginning of 2005 - it needed to be done quickly and neatly, didn't have a whole lot of content and would not be updated very frequently. It contains the background for, the tasks of and the contactinformation for a working group investigating the future needs for the Dutch police (

Small screenshot of the new and improved I decided to keep it simple and let the content do the talking. Using the two main colours of the Dutch police for the borders and the headers, I created a small set of easy to read webpages with lots of whitespace. For every page the design was the same, except for the frontpage and the contactpage, where I added a banner-like box at the bottom with the logos of the partners of the working group.

Today that working group handed over its final report to the government. For that occasion I altered the frontpage slightly to accommodate for a new box containing the report, decreased the size of the navigation box and put the content in a narrow column between the two boxes. All in all a slight change but with a suttle difference in appearance. The rest of the pages remained untouched.

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  1. pappa posted:

    ben erg trots op je werk en je kennis van zaken....mooie site, goed leesbaar en zeer goeie setup...mijn complimenten

    ... on 01 July 2005 @ 17:03

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