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Marjolijn's 33

07 March 2005

I know it's not polite to ask for a tell a womans age, but today we celebrate Marjolijn's 33rd birthday. During my childhood we always said that if you'd been bad you got rain or foul weather on your birthday, and if you'd been good, fair weather. Today is a smashing day, clear blue sky, crisp cold weather outside, and all white on account of the snow that fell the last couple of days. So I guess Marjolijn's been very good this year ;-) !
Casper and Robin have already had their first piece of cake this morning. Right now they're going to bed for their afternoon nap. Then when they wake up all the visitors coming to celebrate with us will have arrived. Lot's of fun for the two of them! Tomorrow is Marjolijn's real birthday, but as it's a weekday, we did the party today. Congratulations Marjolijn!

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  1. Peter posted:

    Well, I see now that I'm a 25 years jubilee elder than my daughter-in-law....and even on the same day, the 7th...but that's tomorrow.....congratulations

    ... on 06 March 2005 @ 17:24

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