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Winter's back pt II

02 March 2005

Picture of car abandoned halfway up a snowy hill It's been snowing and snowing the last couple of days and yesterday and today it really stayed put. It didn't melt, it didn't evaporate, it just kept piling up everywhere! Look at these pictures - can you imagine that this is the Netherlands? I've lived most of my life in Norway, but haven't had a winterday like this for ages! Except for the fact that I had to leave my car at work in Apeldoorn and take the train home - just too dangerous to travel by road with a car that doesn't have snowtyres (remember the song "Slip slidin' away" by Simon and Garfunkel?) - it was a very nice day today.

If tomorrow brings fair weather it will freeze down to -15 degrees Celsius tomorrow night. Nothing compared tot he -40 degrees Sweden had a couple of days back, but very cold for the wet Dutch climate! Actually the Netherlands hasn't experienced such a day in over 20 years!

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  1. Peter posted:

    See my blog, I almost knew you would mention the
    (how did you get that picture into the frame??)

    ... on 03 March 2005 @ 00:24

  2. Veronica posted:

    hoi hoi, is dit jullie auto???? help kan ik me, vs

    ... on 05 March 2005 @ 20:13

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