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Winter's back

23 February 2005

At least for today...Map of the Netherlands with weathersymbols on it
Where I work in the east of the country, the weather usually is quite a bit different from where I live, even though we're only separated by some 75 km's of land. In between though is a large natural habitat, and the city I work in lies on the outskirts of this piece of lovely, wild and rough nature. It's also quite green and not so densely populated as my hometown.
Meaning that, when it rains in Utrecht, chances are it snows in Apeldoorn (in wintertime that is!). And it did today. So much actually that it covered my car in a white blanket, covered the roads in a thin, slippery, mucky kind of sludge that demanded the utmost attention and all the driving skils I could muster. On the highway heading home the top speed the first 30 km's was around 70 km/h. So you can say that it took a while to get home today. But...

It was really nice seeing snow again, the beautiful landscapes surrounding Apeldoorn and where the highway cuts straight through (bummer), and it brought a little bit of peace and rest to my soul. There's something about that white fluffy stuff that comes twirling down from the sky and covers everything in a white, clean, crisp layer of tranquillity. It breathes calm and ease and invites you to just look around and enjoy. Give me more of those days ;-)

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  1. Peter posted:

    Well, in Norway they have predicted a coming "winter" next month with temperatures of -30 - -40 degr.C and at the same time that we could expect the warmest spring ever. Last week they measured 16 degr.C PLUS in Greenland!! And still nobody reacts.......

    ... on 23 February 2005 @ 02:08

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