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Daddy Day

19 February 2005

2Day was Daddy Day. Marjolijn had a course she was attending the whole day, and afterwards she'd go shopping, so I was in charge of filling in the day 4 the kidz! OK, not a big deal, but sometimes the two kiddos are a hard nut 2 crack. It's quite up2 the mood of the day what can B done and achieved that day. If they're moody and cranky in the morning and the day started too early - usually around 6, 6:30 - then U know it's gonna B a hard and long day. But 2day seemed 2 get off 2 a good start, so I was optimistic!


And so it went! The guys played 2gether all morning, talked sometime to grandma and around 11 we decided that enough was enough inside - we needed some fresh air! And I knew just the place! Casper is quite fond - hmmm, correcter is 2 say: nuts - about big trucks, shovels, tractors and other heavy machinery. This weekend the main exit 2 the highway around Utrecht was closed due 2 extensive rerouting of the available roads. So where usually hundreds, say thousands of cars passed every day, now there were no cars, U could walk on the streets and it was filled up with huge construction machines. Just the place 2 B 4 Casper!

I put Casper on his bike and Robin in the stroller and off we went! Down the street, over the main road and up the hill (yes we have those down here too, only this one is a man-made hill leading up to a bridge crossing the Amsterdam -Rhine Canal!) and over the bridge. From there we could see all the heavy machinery working its way along the working grounds. Casper was over the moon with excitement. Needless to say we stayed there for some time, before heading home again. Going down the hill I taught Casper how to press the pedals back on his bike, so that he could brake on his own. That way I didn't have to grab a hold of him and slow him down everytime he felt that he went too fast for his own liking. And Casper learned how to brake his bike. It was good to see that big smile on his face when he realized that he'd just learned something new. Especially the realization that he now was learning how to really take control over that thing called bicycling. He smiled all the way down the hill, braking now and then when he felt it was time to slow down a little bit!

Completely nackered by all the fresh air and the lovely weather outside the could both only muster up enough energy to eat a sandwich before turning in for their afternoon nap. All in all a very good Daddy Day!

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