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02 October 2004

No, this is not a Biblical verse. It's a timestamp. At that time this Saturday evening I was told that I'd become an uncle ;-) Yiha! My sister, her husband and my mother had been "in labour" since 8 o'clock Friday evening. After 24,5 hours their baby was born, at 20:32. It went quite well for a first birth, all things taken into account. They got a lovely son, naming him:

Marius Andreas Manta Dijkman Dulkes


He was 55 cm's long and weighed in at around 3950 grams. The first 24 hours of his life he has mostly been sleeping and nipping now and then to a breast for some nurishment. But he's quite calm and probably tired of the whole ordeal of being born. Because this is not only tough on the mother, the newborn also has a long struggle before seeing light for the first time.

Our whole family went for a visit on Sunday afternoon. An hour or so before we arrived Veronica had come home from the hospital with little Marius. Gino, their dog (a Dutch Keeshond - 10 years old) greeted them enthousiastically and welcomed them home in his own fashion. Licking the baby as a sort of acceptance into the family, mother and baby went upstairs to the maternal bed. There they will receive all visitors during the first week.

Casper and I went up first to look at the little critter. A beautiful little man that quite content was lying in his mothers arms. Veronica was still a little tired, but quite up for a chat. While she told her tale Casper was climbing up on the bed and wanted to kiss and caress the small one. Out of the blue he said: "That's Marius!" And he went on with lots of different remarks about Marius, Veronica and Bart. Very funny! He was quite excited about meeting the baby for the first time.

Marjolijn and Robin went up after us doing probably the same things as we had done, and getting a similar version of Veronica's tale. The two of them could "compare notes" of their births - women stuff ;-) ! Around 7 that evening we went home, munching on a sandwich as we still had a while to drive. It'll be interesting how Marius grows and develops over the years. And fun that our two kids and he only differ around one year - that is good for playing together at family outings later.

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